Praga V3S wood chipper with HR

Price:295 000 Kč (+ 21% DPH)

Praga V3S wood chipper with steel pins. The bridges are adjustable to pre-prepared holders according to the assortment and length of the transported timber. The massive metal frame behind the cab ensures both the safety of the operator and the possibility of transporting even a short c. 1m of wood. The Hydraulic Hand HR 3001 is equipped with a hydraulic rotator with rounded tongs. The HR load is up to 3000 kg, with a load length of 4,028 meters and a load of 1200 kg. The HR control is designed from a folding seat attached to the HR column, from which the operator controls all HR functions, including hydraulic supports and pliers, through the left and right racks. The seat is accessible by an iron ladder attached to the vehicle. The chassis is a classic Praga V3S M6.

The vehicle is delivered after MOT and emissions, a body written in the TP. Included are new AKU batteries.

Tel. 606 420 093 (Mr Říha)

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